Becoming a Reseller

Do you run a physical or online shop? Would you like to list our OBSIDIAN-PC products and become our reseller? Or maybe you already have your own PC brand and want to have our Software tailored for it? Become an OBSIDIAN-PC reseller for either our PCs or our Software.


By selling our PCs you get the full advantages of our brand. Systems ready to deliver to your client, fully tested and built with all our advanced know-how. All our original Software will work out of the box, our optimized BIOS will be installed, and the system will be fully optimized. You also get all the testing files to prove that the system is performing at it´s best!

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Your clients can use our OBSIDIAN-PC support directly by using the included tool “Control Station”, this allows the client to start a chat and if needed start a remote control session. If we need to RMA the system we can arrange it directly with the end client. Our systems include free pickup and return for Portugal and Spain and free return for the rest of Europe.

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If all you want is to sell or integrate our famous software in your own PCs then we are ready for it. All our software allows you to customize every branding aspect, including colors, app names, links, and much more. If you need additional customization we are here for you. We will help you integrate with little effort, contact us if you have any special request.

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If you are still reading, chances are you have already decided to start selling our products, waste no time, click here to get started.

Additional Information:

All our orders are shipped from Portugal

For our PC Systems each order will have 4 stages:
Assembling, Testing, Ready for Shipping, Complete
Each order stage generates notifications

You will also get notifications during the package transit

You will be able to download testing files for each system

All your invoices will be available for download

Our RMAs use an efficient Ticket System

You can use our online chat to sort any doubt