Delivery information


All our shipping is done from Portugal. When you place your order you will get a estimated delivery time. One of our employees will look at your order, check our stock, account for our production load and then give you a very precise delivery date.

All our shipments are done using a shipping service like DHL, MRW, CTT, NACEX, etc, we will choose the one we find to be faster for your country.
All our orders are shipped with insurance and you should ALWAYS check for the box condition when you get it, do not receive it unless the box seems intact and undamaged.

The Shipping costs are calculated during the checkout according to our Flat Rates table using Weight VS Destination rules. If you feel the price is not correct please contact our support.

Amazing Tracking System
The moment your order is shipped you will get an update for each shipping stage. Usually online stores will send you an email with a tracking link or code so you can track your order, that is not what we do, we took the extra mile for your convenience. We developed what we consider an Amazing Tracking System (we wanted to call it SUPER SAIYAN Tracking System but due to copywriter infringements our attorneys recommended otherwise). Read bellow about all the stages.
Average Time for Shipping

Although the time may vary according to the type of equipment you are buying the average time for us to setup your order is 3 work days.

All the information you need

When you place an order not only you will get an email confirming the details of your order but you will get another email for each order status change.
At the same time you can login to your account and check the order status and details. If you have any doubt you can always use our HELPDESK to ask specific questions regarding the shipping or processing of your order!

Stages of Information

You place your order

1st -You get an email with all the order details and payment information if required.
2nd -You get a payment confirmation and the estimated delivery time (which you can get prior to your order if you inquire us with the full details of what you are going to order).
3rd -Our Technicians will update the information regarding the assembly of your new system, each update will generate an email and you can always check the details in your personal account area.
4th -Your order is shipped! Oh happy day! We all love that feeling, here´s another email and the magic starts!

Your order was shippedshipping states

1st -You get the traditional email with a tracking link and code.
2nd -There´s no need to keep looking at the tracking because we will send you a email EVERYTIME the shipping company updates the tracking information.
3rd -When the shipping gets to the "Out for Delivery" stage not only will you get one brand new email but also a SMS in your phone (if you provided one duh!).
4th -In case of failed attempts or any exception not only will you get notified but we will also be notified so we can get in touch with you.

Schedule your order Delivery Date
Sometimes our clients need their delivery done in a specific time-frame. For instance, you are going on vacations and will be back only in 3 weeks, in the meanwhile there will be no one in your address to receive your package.
If for any reason you need to schedule the deliver of your package for any specific date please add that information in the "observations" field during checkout.