Help Desk - How To Proceed

What is Help Desk
There´s a good reason why "Support" is the first item in our top menu. We take support very serious and one of our brand main goals is to have the best possible support.
We developed something which we call "Help Desk", a very intuitive ticket system, it is available from the moment you login to our website.
We made it as simple and clean as we possible could, but make not mistake, it is a powerful tool that will allow us to provide an amazing support.
How should you proceed

The first thing you should do is actually take some time to read the available information about your warranty. We created a page called "Terms and Conditions" with all the information you need. If you need support about shipping, you can also check our "Delivery Information" page, there you can learn about all the steps of your order from the moment you purchase, to the moment it is delivered to you.

For which problems should you use the Help Desk

These are the different departments available in our Help Desk:

Factory Defects


You detected a problem that seems to be a factory defect. Report it ASAP, our technicians will give you all the instructions you need to solve your problem.

Shipping Information


You have a doubt about the shipping of your order, there was a delivery failed attempt or exception. We will contact the shipping company and help you sort it.

OS and Software


Although the Operating System and Software support is limited we do our best to help you with any problem. Please add print-screens for our technicians to help you.



Want to upgrade your system? Use the Help Desk and we will give you instructions, either ship you parts or collect your system for upgrade! We will do it!

If you are too old school for stuff like a ticket based Help Desk and you just want to send a quick message to our support department, you can also use this form:
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