Keep your System Updated!
In this section you can find all the latest files to keep your system updated. We always try to update as soon as possible, first we test it in our own units and then we deploy! Our main focus is Drivers, BIOS and Firmware updates, but we will post other files if we find them important.

NVIDIA drivers will notify you if there´s any newer driver available and you can also use Intel Driver Update Utility to keep your Intel drivers updated, together with Windows 10 Update (that pushes full driver packages) it´s easy to keep your system on top performance even without having to check our Downloads page, ever, really, don´t waste our bandwidth.
BIOS UPDATE: The BIOS update process in some systems (specially laptops) can be dangerous. It should be done only by advanced users or technicians. Please note that the product warranty will not cover any damage done by the user during a BIOS Update. If you do damage your laptop, think positive, you now have one expensive paper weight.

We recommend our clients to use only Windows 10 with our systems, actually some of our laptops will not work with older windows versions. This also means that in the drivers section you will only find Windows 10 drivers.
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    To make the drivers install process more easy and to help you keep your laptop updated, we decided to make our very own app.
    At this time this app does not support all models and is still in development, but you can download it and try it already. The download is above inside the folder "OBSIDIAN TOOL".
    To stay updated with the development take a look in our forum.

    Having trouble installing a driver?

    If you are having any kind of trouble installing our drivers please contact us using the Help Desk. Add as much information as possible, and try to attach print-screens showing any type of error. We will do as much as we can to sort the problem.