OBSIDIAN is an European brand that aims to deliver the best technological products and provide the best experience for it´s clients. What does that mean?

It means the best parts and technology the industry has to offer. It means world class support from day one. It means having a team of people who understand the art of elite system building and maintenance, standing by to assist you when you need it.

It means never having to feel you made the wrong choice.

We do this with beautifully designed online platforms, with high attention to detail, making your purchase and support experience smooth, intuitive and fast!

What can we do for you?
With our massive global contact list of manufacturers, we can literally build a solution for every possible need. Ranging from the ultimate gaming rig, to the stand alone office system, from the media player to the dual Xeon web server, we endeavor to create the best possible system for your needs.

Any company can build tech-products, but few can build a true custom system worthy of the latest entertainment content. Our products must be focused on Customization, Service, Performance, and latest Technology. This is OBSIDIAN specialty.

We Understand Hardware


We sell products that we love!

UN equipo excelente. Muy buena decisión el comprar OBSIDIAN. El trato y la profesionalidad han sido excelentes. Muy bien asesorado por Joao. El P771 con Quadro M300M es una maquina muy potente y fiable. Bien configurado, Rinde muy bien para trabajo con ficheros LIDAR muy grandes. y fiable con CAD.
Ramon Fdez
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Our customer feedback and reviews are paramount to us and we believe it is important to share these experiences for everyone to see. A number of our feedback testimonials are from returning customers who are happy to recommend us, and we hope you could be one too! You can check our client feedback in our TESTIMONIALS page and our product reviews and global product rating in our REVIEWS page.


Providing options for clients to discover the technologies that matter, in the language they choose


We currently ship our full product catalog to 28 European countries. Our brand is now established all over Europe!


Our brand currently features more than 20 products and the product number is constantly increasing

About our CEOs

For our CEOs computers were a very important part of their childhood. Both started with a ZX Spectrum 128K and like many other kids back then, it was all about games. For João the ATARI 2600 was his first addiction, going from the ATARI to the Commodore Amiga 500 and a series of Nintendo Consoles, games was all there was. While for César the first PC was a game changer, he still recalls his 286 unit, which made him realize the productivity potential of computers.

Moving some decades later both our CEOs met and find they still have a huge affinity for computers, both use them in different tasks, from music production to code. Soon they realize something, their fine taste for good hardware, custom systems and the ability for high customization.
They start to go forth, discussing professional grade solutions like high-end CLEVO based laptops for professional work with Quadro graphics and SSDs, Custom Built NAS units with Xeons and ECC memory for storage and downloads automation, low latency and low DPC PCs tailored for Multi-Media production, the list goes on.
They get to the conclusion that with all the hardware available these days it´s getting harder to filter what is better or worse for each task, what is high end and what is garbage.

João has been working exclusively with CLEVO barebones for the past 6 years, César has been managing companies since early age. So quickly they conclude that both have the potential to start something interesting.

They set of to create a brand, which has a very simple objective, to serve as a filter for quality hardware, to sell products that both of them would buy to use themselves. To select components and systems based on long hours of in-house testing.
The all point of this brand is for clients to look at it as a safe purchase, to know that we only sell top quality products, even if that´s not the most profitable business model. We stand by our products!


We are a Portuguese company.
We currently ship all our orders from Portugal to all European countries. We have an outstanding warranty service that will leave you at ease no matter where you are from.

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