Software for CLEVO laptops. Update drivers, control your fans and much more

Remote Monitor for Fan Control

With this app you can use another device like another laptop or your Android phone to monitor the values of any laptop running Fan Control. It works over local Network or over the Internet. With these apps you can monitor Temperatures, Load, Fan Speed and Fan Mode! Both apps are available for free download.

CLEVO Fan Control Software Update

Some while ago we released a big update for our Updater software, today we are proud to announce yet another milestone for our CLEVO Fan Control software. This means, our famous fan control just got a bunch of new features and improvements. It now scales up to 4K, allows to offset fans based on Load, setup logic for unified coolers and much more! Discover what´s new.

CLEVO Drivers Updater

CLEVO drivers download and install was a troublesome experience for many laptop owners. For that reason, 2 years ago, we started to develop our own CLEVO drivers Updater. It became a famous tool around the world and is now used by more then 2000 CLEVO owners (not counting with our own OBSIDIAN-PC clients). Discover what´s new!