It´s been a while since we have any product that is not a laptop. Well, it´s time to change! We have planed a series of new products that we are now adding in our online store. The first one to be introduced is the OBSIDIAN-PC OMNI I All-In-One. A beautiful All in One PC that will look good in any room!

OMNI I All-In-One

Upgradable All-In-One

Don´t get stuck with the same hardware, the OMNI I can be easily upgraded in the future. Inside you will find a Mini-ITX motherboard that you can swap at any time to benefit from it´s features. The chassis is easy to open and do your own upgrades without voiding your warranty.

With the current motherboard selection you can already get up to the latest Intel i5 or i7 CPU, up to 32GB RAM, one M.2 SSD and one 2.5″ HDD or SSD.