P970ED / P970EF / P970EN

The CLEVO P970 series (P970ED/P970EF/P970EN) is a new chassis available with 3 different GPUs.
The versions are P970ED for the RTX 2060, P970EF for the RTX 2070 and finally P970EN with RTX 2080. Both the RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 are Max-Q versions.

All versions have the Intel 8th Gen 8750H CPU, support for up to 32GB RAM, 1x M.2 SSD (NVME Ready) and 1x 2.5″ SSD/HDD slot. There´s also a stunning and ultra-fast 144hz 1080p LCD and the usual RGB keyboard.

The new CLEVO P970ED P970EF P970EN
New CLEVO RTX Laptops


Following the lines of the P950, which we used to sell with NVIDIA GTX 1060, this new chassis is a 17″ version with very similar design, keeping the aluminium as the main building material and now using a thin bezel.

Cooling was greatly improved for the RTX Series, which now allows you to select up to GTX 1080 Max-Q (P970EN). The laptop feels very light with just 2.5Kg, and it keeps it´s slim design at 2cm thick.

Manufactured by CLEVO this new chassis is sure to attract a lot of gamers who need high  mobility.

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