CLEVO drivers download and install was a troublesome experience for many laptop owners. For that reason 2 years ago we started to develop our own CLEVO drivers Updater. It became a famous tool around the world and is now used by more then 2000 CLEVO owners (not counting with our own OBSIDIAN-PC clients).

CLEVO Drivers Updater Software

What it does?

The Drivers Updater does more than it meets the eye, it allows you to install and download all the drivers for your CLEVO system in a click of a button, notify you about new updates, ignore notifications for certain drivers, report broken drivers, disable windows update driver replacement, and for OBSIDIAN-PC clients or partner systems it will even allow you to update the BIOS.

Because some updates are problematic or break stuff we also have all sorts of security checks and custom processes to make sure the driver update does not causes any problem. We will prompt for restarts, we will uninstall first if needed, we re-activate some devices in case they get deactivated and so on.

This tool is free for all OBSIDIAN-PC clients and can be purchased by non-clients.

In the past days we release a big update, find out what´s new about the latest version of updater. Continue reading bellow to find out what´s new, or just go get the Updater app: