1.7Kg and 8 hours battery

N151ZU, a ultrabook with a strong body and smart fit. Blends substance with style. All the latest high end technologies into an ultra-slim, sleek and stylish Al-alloy body. Best of all, it measures only 2cm thin.
With just 1.7Kg and a battery time of 8 hours, you will have all you need for your daily tasks, mobility and autonomy meets!


The new N151ZU

The N1 series was a fast hit! It immediately became a success.

First there was the N13 which was a 13″ ultrabook, with it´s sleek design, thin, light and aluminium it was a great choice for Business and Linux users.
The N141 which came after was the same chassis as the N13, but the manufacturer CLEVO managed to reduce the frame size (using a thin bezel) and offer it with a 14″ LCD without sacrificing the chassis size.

Now it´s time for the 15″ version, a new chassis with a full sized RGB keyboard and also a thin bezel.